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This is only official website of the Thiru Courtrallanathar Swamy Temple. This temple is administrated by The Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department Tamilnadu and inspected area Thenkasi.

This temple is located at about five kilometers, away from Tenkasi, Tirunelveli - district. Ad midst of Sylvan surroundings, with the adjoining background of main falls, this Courtralanathaswami temple is found in the Courtralam Township. As Courtralam - falls is popular among the people; Sri Courtralanathaswami Temple is famous for one of its Pancha-Sabha known as Chitra - Sabha.

The temple is dedicated to Sri Thiru Courtrallanathar, Thirukootachalapathi and Kuzhalvoimozhi Amman (Devi whose voice is as sweet as the music of the flute). Jack tree is the Sthala Vruksha. Saint Tirugnanasambander of 7th Century A.D. glorifies the Lord of Kutralam in 2 pathihams one of which relates to the Sthala Vruksha Other Saints Tirunavkarasar Manickavachagar Pattinathar etc., have poured forth their feelings of spiritual ecstasy in soul stirring lyrics.

At Kutralam be found a vaishnava temple which he transformed by his magic touch into a Siva one, God Vishnu changing into Sivalingam, the conch in his hand, expanding as the temple and the chakra rising as the siharam . The temple is therefore conch shaped a peculiarity unlike other temples that are either squares of rectangles in shape .The Sthalapurana describes this story in interesting detail,

Three major festival of ten days each are celebrated in a year; Vishu festival (April) Aipasi Vishu festival (October) Arudra (Erato) Festival (Des Jan). A special feature of this temple is that during Arudra festival, Thandava Deeparedhana representing the cosmic Dance of the Supreme Being is offered daily to God Nataraja both morning and evening in the temple and specially on the Arudra day and During the other two festivals this offering and picturesque festival days.

Presiding Deities:

Thiru Courtrallanathar

Presiding Deities:

Kuzhalvoimozhi Amman

Amman Shrine:

Kuzhalvoimozhi Amman is the consort of Lord Courtralanathaswami Her shrine is on the southern side of Lord Siva's shrine. The peedams of Annavi Pillai and the other deities are seen in front of this shrine. Along the periphery of this shrine are seen idols of Kailasanathar on the sourthern side and Sri Durga on the northern side and rest room of the deity.

Outer Periphery:

Along the outer periphery are seen idols of the Gods, Goddesses and saints such as Kurumbalanathar, sixty three Nayanmars, Nannagara perumal, Sailappar, Vallabha Vinayagar, Papanasar, Ulagamman, Nellaippar, Gandhimathi Amman, Manakkola Nathar, Narumbunathar, Sankaralinganathar, Palvannanathar, Oppanai Amman, Chockalingar, Meenakshi, Sastha, Madunatheswarar, Aram Valarthanayaki Amman, Agasthiar, Vasugi, Pancha Darshana, Sahasralingam (1000 lingam), Kasiviswanathar, Visalakshi, Sivalaya Muni, Bairava, Yagashala, Navagraha (a shrine of nine planets). Hence, worship at Sri Courtallanathar temple is equivalent to worshipping at all important saivite temples.